je suis parti. retourné à la maison.  
home. home. the repetition does nothing for me. the furniture, framed pictures, scattered belongings surrounding me now, are familiar. they've been my still, well-behaved companions for years. but this is not my home. i prefer the pillow stitch definition of home: "home is where the heart is." whether it be a house by the beach, or a certain little city whose charm made me feel like i belonged there...my heart now resides in both. and the latter is a place where i will return. because homes are meant not only for dwelling, but returning.  


going to pick up amanda from the metro.
she's braving it alone.
i can't believe she's going to see what my life has been like for the past 3 months!
crraazzzyy. even more weir! ah!


noah for the day

love this little munchkin

remember when eating cookies was never followed by the thought of weight?
those were the days.

walking home


amazing amazing amazing

monet's water lilies me for scale.
this one really was my favorite. the injustice of these works is almost painful. they are so incredible. truly, incredible.
geez, i feel so russian here. tho theriouth!

blurred just like the lillies.
a nice american women offered to take a picture of sarah and i. she thought she was doing us a favor. we didn't want one, yet i thanked her and obliged. waiting for people to get out of the way, messing up the lens, making sure it wasn't on flash, waiting for people to get out of the way again, people staring at the obnoxious tourists we were being... not a fan. in anycase, it was a nice gesture, and i laughed at sarah's embarrassed polite english self.

this picture would have been perfect! look at those two sets of lovers conoodeling by the pond. so lovely. and then there's that eyesore of a figure. a tourist. :)


enjoy the ride

sometimes things just blow up in your face.
and there's nothing you can do about it.


one last word: COMMENT

for those who do, thank you.
for those who don't, DO.